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GET READY #September is just around the corner that means the year is almost over… Eeeek! I have fallen in #LOVE ❀️ again this weekend… Be #Beautiful, #Healthy, & #Abundant! Can’t wait to share it all tomorrow! Monday 1st, 2014. I am so excited to share my new #journey with all of you! so … Head over to sign up and learn all the details! Let’s connect and be friends! #desireethompson #holiday head over to

How do you like your #protein shake? I make it into an #Icecream ! πŸ˜‹πŸ¦#bodybuilding #weightlossjourney #arbonne #healthy

Welcome back #protein #breakfast … Plant based protein for my pancakes. Eggs and black coffee … Everything as usual, I’m just going to eat healthy you can be vegetarian or you can eat all BUT healthy and clean Lev11. Appreciate and be thankful for your food 1 Cor 10 23-33. Pray and bless your food 1 Tim 4 3-5 , #arbonne #bodybuilding #bodyfuel #weightlossjourney

🍌 Banana #Pancakes in the mix 😁 🎡🎢 like music to my ears. Decided to make protein pancakes again, after all #breakfast #weightlossjourney #eathealthy

Last week breakfast! Need to be prepared for every day if you want to succeed! πŸ˜πŸ˜‹β€οΈπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™†πŸ’ͺ #rawvegan #vegetarian #veganbodybuilder #bodyfuel #love #livefood #lifestyle



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I have never shared this part of me before but felt I needed to. This is my left leg progress from Feb 2014 till today Aug 2014, 6 months! …I’ve always had skin problems since I was a kid. For the last 3yrs that problem seemed to make a come back. I had a bad rash on my hands with tons of bumps and were so itchy almost 3 yrs ago, I wished I had saved the picture back then to show you… But I figured this problem came back because of the use of latex gloves I used one day and using dish soap detergent without using gloves, and needless to say any soap you use to wash your hands bcz of that it worst! So I ended up changing my dish soap and I also changed my personal care products (body wash, shampoo, face routine cleansing products etc) which leads me to this picture, this is my progress after using non-toxic products. I am recently finding out what people went through on meds or prescribed lotions and meds and I am glad I never did for this kind of skin problem. When I went to the dermatologist many years ago I remembered placing foments on my skin and using “special” lotions that smelled horrible. Ah! And I also stopped using perfume on my neck I would get horrible rashes. Lately I’ve been looking up all these “symptoms” and I’m finding out it’s eczema! I am a huge believer that your body can heal itself. Nourish it the right way with the right foods, and use products that are non-toxic on your skin. I hope my story helps others. #skinproblems #skinrash #eczema #psoriasis @itchybitsyme, @scratchtails




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I had to repost this bcz had some lang barrier errors… Anyways, if there’s any other then oh well So… I ran out of almond milk yesterday morning and forgot to get some when I went to the store last night. But it’s ok. I poured water in my ❀️ Vitamix 2 bananas, about 1c frozen mangos, and vanilla 🌱🌿 plant based protein, added ice and blended! It’s delicious! … Feed the muscles! πŸ’ͺ #bodybuilding #vegetarian #veganbodybuilder losing weight on #highcarb